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  • Scooter Inlet Manifold
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A scooter intake manifold may develop cracks over time, allowing air to get in and causing your scooter's engine to run too lean. Once the manifold cracks it will need to be replaced. Level10 is committed to offer you high quality replacement parts for scooter carburertors. The scooter intake manifold is essentially a rubber material that connects the carb to the motor. The scooter manifold has good inlet result and increase the hosepower.

  • Model: scooter.
  • Material: rubber, clotch.
  • Min Order: 5 pieces.
  • Package: standard export carton.

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We have full of experiences to provide the first-grade inlet manifold for scooter. The main goal is to help the customers get the special parts with competitive prices. If you have interested in our scooter manifold, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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